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Donate to the Hurricane Ida Recovery Effort!


The Garden Club of Grand Isle was created in 2016 to restore and beautify Grand Isle following damage to the island from numerous hurricanes. The Garden Club promotes restoring the island’s trees and natural environment, as well as educating residents, youth and visitors on the importance of Grand Isle to the state and nation.

Our Story:

Grand Isle has been through a lot in the last 15 years, from Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Ike to the BP oil disaster, Tropical Storm Lee and Hurricane Isaac and now Hurricane Ida. Yet the people and spirit of the town have come back stronger than ever. As Louisiana’s only inhabited barrier island, Grand Isle is a vital first line of defense for the state against hurricanes and a unique wildlife habitat for many species of marine life and birds. It is also an important hub for seafood and the oil industry. As a living testament to the strength and resilience of the people of south Louisiana, the Garden Club of Grand Isle first began raising funds to plant and restore the islands trees, including palms and native trees, such as live oak and mulberry trees.

The group has grown and accomplished a lot over a short period of time. We couldn’t have done it without our members and partners. Thank you to all who have helped us accomplish it all.

Here’s a few accomplishments we are proud of:
1. Donated $10,000 to the town to help with restoration efforts following Hurricane Ida.
2. Cleaning and improving pedestrian beach crossovers.
3. Planting irises on the boardwalk in the Lafitte Woods Nature Preserve. This project will continue into new areas!
4. Caring for the trees at the Civic Center, including grooming and planting.
5. Cleaning and picking up trash on the beach and in the streets.
6. Partnering with Nicholls State University to participate in their coastal restoration program to propagate coastal shrubs to transplant to feasible areas.
7. Acquiring property from the town to stage plants coming from the Nicholls Farm.


Join the Club:

The Grand Isle Garden Club is made up islanders, camp owners and visitors. We all share the mission of wanting to make Grand Isle a better place. We enjoy meeting and taking on various projects that benefit the island.  We encourage all to join in our efforts to beautify and revitalize our unique island.

Join us! Dues are only $10.00. Click here for the form and drop it off to Louise LaFont at the Tourism Office (2757 LA-1, Grand Isle, LA 70358) or Bonnie Pizani at Town Hall (170 Ludwig Ln, Grand Isle, LA 70358).

Donate to the Hurricane Ida Recovery Effort!

Help Plant Trees on Grand Isle:

Please donate what you can – every bit helps – and help us spread the word by sharing and telling your friends and employers.
Suggested donations:
$50 (Iris)
$200 (Oleander)
$400 (Palm Tree)
$1,000 (Live Oak)
$2,500 (Sponsor)
All funds raised will go toward purchasing, caring for trees and planting on the island. As well as beach clean-up and restoration efforts to rebuild the island following Hurricane Ida. Your donation to this non-profit is tax deductible. Thank you!

Mail Address:

The Grand Isle Garden Club
P.O. Box 817
Grand Isle, LA 70358

Hand Deliver:

Visitor Center on Highway 1 in Grand Isle (2757 Highway 1, Grand Isle, LA)

E-mail or call us:

985-787-2997, or


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